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Senior RoR Developer

Location: Kiev, Kharkov, Saint Petersburg, Minsk

Job Category: IT / Software Development

Job Type: Full Time

We arel looking for experienced Ruby on Rails developer to build a SaaS platform in the talent management and customer engagement space.   


  • Active member of a product team that solves complex challenges

  • Provides development expertise to team members through education and review

  • Build and maintain software with the highest standards of software quality and craftsmanship



  • Significant experience developing web applications using Ruby on Rails,

  • Solid JavaScript experience

  • Experience with BDD and rspec

  • Previous experience with Polymer and web components

  • Proven ability to work with AWS and Heroku

  • Experience using Git for version control

  • Understanding of design's principles of scalable SaaS architectures

  • Interest in solving real-world business problems

  • Strong attention to details and high quality code

  • Solid understanding of issues related to scale, security, availability, deployment and server maintenance

  • Intermediate knowledge of English


What is Chairlift?


Chairlift is the organizational happiness platform. We’re turning HR and performance management on its head, one day at a time to help people love their work, enjoy each day of collaboration, every hour, with every click. We believe that by offering the most delightful user experience on the marketplace, we can win the hearts of teams everywhere and genuinely make people happier. Help us make a meaningful impact on the epidemic of unhappiness at the workplace by redefining human resources.


Why Work at Chairlift?


We’re DJ’s, surfers, yogis, artists, boxers, wrestlers, travelers and former neuroscientists and special ops soldiers. Our team has a zest for life and we translate that passion into our work everyday. You’ll work with a team that is dedicated to its mission to the very core.


·         🏂 We offer a work environment so flexible it’ll feel like doing yoga. Our global network of happiness gurus is spread across 3 continents, using the best tools to stay connected so that people can work when it best serves their productivity and locomotion.

·         💥 We work with the most exciting, up and coming start-ups and partners like Giphy, Atlassian, and BuzzFeed to accelerate innovation of a happy workplace

·         🚀 We employ the most innovative frameworks and technologies to stay on the vanguard of user experience such as Coffeescript, Sass, Ruby on Rails, Backbone.js, Haml, Web Components, and Node.js so that we can deliver thousands of instances of happiness at once and in real-time.

·         💾 We empower our happiness technologists to contribute to open source projects and utilize tools to get the job done.


javascript Ruby on Rails

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