TheJobStack aims to improve the recruiting process by tapping into crowdsourcing, that is, by letting people invite the right candidates for the right jobs.
The idea is simple: people are good at routing searches in the right direction. We allow them to do exactly that and make money for helping their contacts find a new job.
Our vision is that the connectivity of the 21st century will make the hiring and recruitment process much more efficient. The amounts of money that companies spend on filling jobs are in the tens of thousands per hired candidate. By streamlining the process and creating a “stack” of specifically referred candidates, employers gain time and money.
We also believe in fairness. The fee that the employer sets is shared equally between the person who is hired and the person who invited them. If the referrer was invited by another person, the fee is split equally three ways.
Who we are:
Matthew 56ded52717d3f6c5a82351422cf0574b340c41f1b04dcb2afb87cf0735761b1e
Matthew Norman
20 years of HR and talent
acquisition experience.
Leon 312af4d92f62e9d40a7540474dca905eb5599436b721f04591f41cfccb5970ec
Leon Ginsburg
Running successful startups
for over 20 years.
Victor 6385046c3afcc2f4a32e22335602215bc79b0e3982f0665fe43bdbbb126cf3cb
Victor Naroditskiy
Over 10 years of crowdsourcing
and social engagement experience.